Easter Bunny Tiered Tray Set


Bunnies are always the cutest! Have fun with this Easter Bunny tiered tray set with its wonderful colors and fun elements. Included are 11 hand painted pieces to style onto your own tiered tray. Also included are 7 stands to make arranging and standing the items up even easier! (Tiered Tray not included) Tiered trays are so much fun and can be quickly and easily re-styled for any season! Keep a look out for more sets to come!

Helpful Hints: We use mounting putty to help pieces stay in place and sometimes add additional pieces that we get at discount stores. These are so much fun so let your creativity flow.  We give you the basic pieces, that are great on their own, but encourage you to have a blast making it your own.

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in


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